The 3 Ply Rally

The dollar strength continues. It sure doesn’t feel that way in the real world though. But you know, it’s all about what we’re comparing it against. I like to think of it like this:

The US Dollar is 3 ply toilet paper. You better be sure if you’re flushing that one

The euro is 2 ply

The Yen, 1 ply

Regardless, at the current rate, we’re all be wiping our ass with these currencies eventually right?

You want a real store of value? How about Compute. $SOX leading tech and the indices to new highs ahead of Nvidia Earnings Wednesday Night.

Is our boy MAC D about to show up in small stocks?


Cryptos are getting to some interesting spots. Here’s ETH. You can make a good case for buying the dip in a Solana, Ethereum and make great cases for avoiding Ripple etc. It seems like quality counts, but crypto is also trading as an asset class.


Lucid has been on a real heater. Next up: gap fill. Then what?

LCID was just named Motor Trend car of the year. It’s their first car of the year that nobody has driven. So, question, how much did they get paid for that?

Answer: enough to break the stock out. DISCA owns Motor Trend. Their EV touts went well. Imagine if they pivoted into crypto and metaverse touts. They might get a gap fill of their own

Trade ‘em well