The Black Friday Report

The news of a super duper diaper dandy covid variant (Shout out Dickie V) on a day where many Americans overeat to the point of sheer self punishment is pretty funny.

BUT as we awaken from our food hangovers and mentally prepare ourselves for a ‘Jingle All The Way’ scenario should we happen to come across a PS5, there are a few things we’ve talked about before worth remembering now.

Vol has been rising with the indices for a month which is much like Volmageddon in early 2018. Breadth has been deteriorating and Grantham hasn’t exactly been proven wrong. Most importantly, don’t try to rationalize any stock move that blows out your stops on a closing basis.

People as a whole are insane, they just believe whatever they want to believe and will go to any length to rationalize it. You think the ‘Fed must raise rates now and the market is going to collapse’ crowd is going to be less bearish now? El oh El. It’s a brand new marketing opportunity!

Black Friday is here Aren’t you excited?! Yeah me neither. BUT if you do happen to find yourself among the heathens do yourself a favor. AVOID KOHLS

THE most perfect bearish chart of all time continues to remain perfect. There’s clearly no amount of free money in the world that could make this business work.

If Grandma wants to go shopping, may I suggest a snowmobile or ATV? According to all of the national wealth statistics, That boomer can either afford it or get 0% interest and pay later.

With the new variant news, no doubt more people are going to spend on ESCAPING to the outdoors at JOUT. Lord knows you have to get out of the cities!

Gap had a horrific earnings report and proceeded to blame it on ‘transitory costs’. So yeah, probably avoid that one until people are fired.

Nat Gas has held above 4.75 ridiculously well. As a northern michigander, this is downright horrifying.

Speaking of Nat Gas, we’ve talked about nat gas exporter LNG all year. It’s setting up AGAIN. Look at this beauty

Trade ‘em well

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